We Can Be Dramatic


Some mornings (okay, most mornings) we are outside early. On this particular morning, the kids were happily playing in the dirt, digging and running their trucks around. The dog was off chewing on sticks and sniffing around the yard. My bucket full of weeds was in need of emptying again. 

We brought their little trucks up to the bathtub and everyone got scrubbed. There is nothing like fresh, clean babies! Lunchtime came and went and we made our way upstairs for a nap. 

After the boys were in their beds, I grabbed the dog to bring him out for a potty break. But our dog has this malfunction that causes him to fall over in the grass when he feels the warmth of the sun. Despite all my coaxing, he doesn’t budge. And if he does, it’s only to roll onto his back with his legs in the air so I can’t easily pick him up. He’ll just lay there and stare at me, tongue out, like what? 

I scoot him over and put him on his feet again, just so he can fling himself to the side or do a somersault. Can’t make me move, I don’t want to!

I’m sure my neighbors think it’s hilarious. Cuz yanno, normally people have to walk around the yard with their dog flopping like a fish. 

Sometimes I do find it funny, but a lot of times it’s so irritating! Why can’t we just walk from Point A to Point B and back?! Why does it have to be so dramatic?

Saying it like that does make me laugh. I wonder if God ever thinks the same thing. Why can’t we just walk from Point A to Point B? Why does this have to be dramatic?!

Thankfully He is infinitely more patient and understanding with us than I am with the dog! And I wonder, how often do we make things a bit more dramatic than they need to be? God says to go one way, to walk in His commandments and pattern our lives after what He has shown us in His Word - and we have a hard time. 

He says not to lie; eh, roll over and ignore. He says to be joyful and full of the fruit of the Spirit; but I don’t like this - flop. He says to honor our husbands; nah, I’ll pull in the opposite direction. He says to abide in Him; ain’t nobody got time for that, the grass over there smells better.

Oh we can be so dramatic. And at times, straight up disobedient. But our Leader knows so much better than we do, and He is worthy of our loyalty and obedience! Let’s do better, followers of Christ. Let’s honor Him and seek to walk in the way He desires for us!