I Need a Miracle


I’m praying today for a miracle. A real supernatural work.

I have sin to battle, and I think I can approach it in one of two ways. I can muster some grit — some southern-mama-I-can-and-I-must-be-kind-and-patient-and-by-golly-I-won’t-let-the-devil-have-me-today — and you know, in doing that, I just might keep some of God’s laws and also make some progress in all.the.things.

The Israelites, they were going to do it, too. They were going to do what was right: “All that the LORD has spoken we will do.” (Ex 19:8) And they failed miserably. Time after time, decade after decade after century upon century.

And so, God established the New Covenant. Not that there was anything wrong with His Old Covenant (think, The 10 Commandments), but the problem was with them, the Israelites. And with us — the try-harders, the pull-myself-up-by-the-bootstraps, you-can, just-do-its. The problem is that we CAN’T. Not only can I not save myself from my sins, but I can’t live the Christian life — it’s impossible (apart from a miracle ). I can’t unselfishly love my children from my heart. I can’t lay down my life as a sacrifice and die to my own will and desires and temptations today with a heart of gratitude and attitude of joy. I can’t be truly content in every circumstance. I can’t givethanks for everything from the heart.


Unless God works a miracle in me. God working in me, miraculously changing my want-tos. Miraculously changing my affections and loves. Miraculously making me more like Jesus. This is life in the New Covenant.

God calls us to obey and love and serve, come and die — and then through the power of the Holy Spirit, God works the miracle of a changed heart in us to follow Jesus.

And so, the way I want to choose today is not the try-harder-bootstrap life, but rather a prayerful attitude that admits to God: “Apart from you, I can do nothing.” But — if God will work in me, change my want-tos, God, if You’ll do that, I will strive mightily by Your power today as You work in me. God, help me to labor — elbow grease and potty train and sweep and pray and home school and obey Your Word — by the power of the Spirit. God, do that miracle in me today.


Originally published on Instagram by Amanda Criss

Amy Parsons