Scrolling & His Sufficiency


Without really intending to, I’ve pulled way back on my social media activity. And who knew that time away from screens begets time away from screens?

I’ve read more, rested more (notice I didn’t say “slept more”...that’s still an area where I’m struggling), written more, worked more, sat outside with idle hands more, and compared less. I love interacting with you here, but sometimes it’s good for our souls to unplug from the constant technological input and focus on real life input.

The last few weeks have been challenging outwardly and inwardly for me for a whole host of reasons, but pulling back has enabled me to hunker down and listen to the voices that matter the most. My first response to stress is slowly becoming one of prayer and opening my Bible rather than scrolling, decompressing, or defaulting to unhealthy, indulgent behaviors.

I talk a lot about the sufficiency of Christ—I’m writing a whole book about it!—but a lot of my days look like a pursuit of empty, poor solutions to what troubles me.

I’ve been studying 1 Peter for weeks and weeks and one thing keeps popping up: sanctification isn’t built around constantly indulging one’s desires but in building one’s life around the Lord’s desires.

I’ve felt the Spirit’s nudge to scroll less and pray more, to choose carefully what kind of input I allow and how much. And while it’s certainly hard to do (read: device addiction), it’s also really, really good for my soul.

Being disconnected makes me feel a little twitchy at times, but guess what? Christ is enough in every corner of life—even in the tiny and seemingly insignificant cracks.


Originally written and posted on Instagram by Glenna Marshall.

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