Biblical Womanhood: Princess or Pioneer?

I don't know about you, but when I hear the phrase "biblical womanhood", I think of women on Twitter who are upset that there are other groups of women who throw Jane Austen parties to celebrate a time when Biblical womanhood was thing. In fact, we don't actually think of Bible verses or strong definitions, or something to strive for—we think of how offended the phrase often makes us. It's truly no wonder, given how confused our generation is about how many genders there are, that the church has drifted toward such animus for the phrase. But we are, after all, the "people of the Book." We believe that God HAS defined gender for us, and not in such a way as to leave us clueless as to what he requires from us. We CAN know what Biblical womanhood is, and we can honor God when we strive to fulfill our roles as he has defined them.

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Podcast by Sheologians, Summer White and Joy Temby.

Amy Parsons