Psalm 40


Psalm 40 dropped a truth in my lap in the span of three little words. It starts with an example of patience and went on to list several promises of being heard by God and being saved by God and being protected by him as well. Then, in verse two, it says, “He set my feet on solid ground.”

Did you catch that? “He set my feet…” I don’t know about you, but my whole life I have read this scripture with the emphasis on the end—on the solid ground part. And I was grateful. Solid ground sounds about where I need to be. A safer place than sandy shores or sinking mud, which are the two places I seem to land when left to my own devices, or when I let fear take over. So, at least once a week.

It’s about different things, but it’s the same old fear. I am fearful to be known. I have fear my kids will turn crazy once they get enough freedom. Somedays I am scared I will never be healed. Other times fear comes in when I think too deeply about what my husband is looking at on his phone. I mean, I think it’s on the up-and-up, but I don’t really know. It could be anything. I go through panic and extreme faith like I am on an endless roller coaster. I don’t want to function this way, but I am human, and my imagination is too big for my own good.

It’s in these chaotic spaces that God nudges me in scripture or through prayer and reminds me I am not a pawn—moved here and there at the enemy’s whim. I am actually a daughter of the most-high priest; a warrior meant to change a nation as I take each thought captive and replace it with God’s truths. A woman after God’s own heart. Made in God’s image and capable of bringing glory to God with my story.

So, while solid ground is really important, what really matters here is that he sets my feet. God sets my feet. He pulls me up and out and closer to him and sets my feet exactly when and where he wants me.

This psalm goes on to make another amazing claim. In verse three, it says that others will be changed because of what I allow God to do in my life. I have to choose to let him place me, but then he takes care of the rest—including the parts that bring others to his kingdom because he’s miraculous in my story. And isn’t that the point of everything we go through—good and bad? For God to be glorified, so others are drawn to him.

Take a look around and ask God, “where have you set me? Am I open to letting you use my story any way you see fit? Lord, show me where I need to surrender a little more. Help me set fear behind me and choose you who are the same today as you were yesterday and will be tomorrow. Set me feet as you see fit.” Amen

Written for Strength & Song by Shontell Brewer.