The Bigger Picture


Is it paying off?

Am I really bearing fruit?

Are my kids getting it?

Is God getting glory from my life?

Have you asked these questions too? It can be hard to keep going sometimes, not knowing if all your labor is worth it. If it’s even making a difference.

Did you know? Abraham never saw the generations promised to him. They certainly came, and the number of his descendants is increasing - but he didn’t live to see it. Neither did Isaac, or Jacob; they all lived with the belief that this particular promise from God would be fulfilled - yet they never saw it in their lifetimes.

They did see forward motion. Progress. But they were each only a part of God’s big picture.

So it is with us, friends. We each are only part of God’s big picture. There may be things in this life that He places before us and calls us to, that we never see to completion. Someone else may continue our ministry and see the more abundant fruit; one of our kids or grandkids may pick up the baton of a certain discipline and perfect it.

What matters is our faithfulness. We must remain faithful to what He puts in front of us, whether we see the results or not. He desires our obedience and trust. This life is so much bigger than just us! He knows what He’s doing. He has plans that involve people, time, places, and things; He works all these things together in His perfect way and timing.

Look for fruit as a mark that you’re in the right direction, to see what the Lord is doing - but focus on faithfulness. Trust that He has a plan, and you are a part of it. Thank Him you are a part!

In Him,

Amy Parsons