God Will Use Us Even If We Don't Feel "Ready"

Someone recently asked me, “What would you say to a woman who’s struggling in life or ministry and wondering, ‘Is God even calling me?’” Haven’t we all been in that place of uncertainty? I have. I’ve wrestled with the dark and doubt, the questions and insecurity.

And here’s what I’ve come to believe: When we ask, “Is God calling me?” the answer is always, “Absolutely.” He is calling each and every one of us to Himself. That’s the calling we all share.

Within that calling there will be things He asks us to do, steps of obedience He wants us to take. Whatever that is, we will never feel fully ready to do it. That is a good thing. Because it’s not about us. It’s about Him. Our brokenness, our weaknesses, and our failures are not enough to stop our unstoppable God.


I am living proof that’s true. I imagine you are too.

That’s why we need each other. As my friend and fellow writer Jennifer Watson says, “Don’t do it alone. The enemy wants to isolate us. Find at least one other person to partner with you. There is a reason Jesus sent His disciples out two by two.” Needing other people isn’t weakness; it’s wisdom. It’s the design God has always had in mind.

So let’s raise our hands and hearts together today and say, “God, we will not give in to the fear or insecurity. We hear You calling us and we’re answering. We’ll do whatever You want us to do. And what we want most of all is more of You.”

Cheering you on…



Originally written and published by Holley Gerth.

Amy ParsonsComment