Stories for a Mom

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Ever wonder what your kids will remember about you when they're older?  What picture they have of you in their minds, what things you did together that they have fond memories of...

Below are some stories from children of various ages -- enjoy and be encouraged as you build relationships with your kiddos at home.  Happy early Mother's Day!


"My mother met my father at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth! She was an English girl and a secretary in London. My American dad was stationed overseas in England. They met on a sidewalk, watching the royal carriage drive by! So, I have lots of British heritage in my past. For example, everything was solved with a cup of tea: a bad day, a good day, a scraped knee, a serious discussion. All called for tea! I loved Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh as a little girl, having my Mummy read to me. Even as a baby, Mum put me out to be 'aired' every day it wasn’t pouring with rain or snow. Even in the winter, I’d be bundled in blankets and outside in my baby carriage getting fresh air. For a long while, she didn’t drive in the USA and she wasn’t a citizen. So, we walked a mile each way to the grocery store and hauled the bags home on a wagon. We made up stories and silly songs to pass the time on the walk. I remember how hard she studied to become a citizen, too. She’s still one of my greatest treasures, supporting me in all I do, and ever-ready with that cup of tea."

Sharon G.


"One of my fondest memories of my mom is that when I got up in the mornings she would always be sitting in her chair with her morning coffee doing her devotion and prayer time. Because she knew where her strength came from (and she needed a lot of strength when my dad was in school 300 miles away all week long and pastoring 2 churches on the weekend and raising 5 kids ages 11 down to newborn!). It laid a foundation of security for us and helped me to know where I needed to go when life got tough! (And life did get very tough for awhile, but Jesus was my Rock and shelter as surely as He was hers!)"

Dawn S.


"My mom died when I was just 11, so it's pretty slim pickings for memories. The one consistent memory that does stick with me was we had an organ in the house (really!), and she would play it and we would sing along. The only song I can remember is 'High Hopes.' Funny how that stuff sticks with you.

I also loved to help her cook. I was a constant in the kitchen with her. I loved everything she made except pea soup, which was a surprise for us both. I remember going with her on Thursdays to the butcher shop for the meat to make the tomato sauce. Man I wish I had more to give."

Tim H.


"My mom is a prayer warrior.  I can't remember a time when my mom didn't spend time praying for my sister and me.  She hosted a Moms in Prayer group at her home, so each week, she would ask us what she could be praying for in our lives.  I recently stumbled upon her journals, starting back from when I was in middle school, and she truly did pray for each of our requests.  In a time when it is common to tell people 'My thoughts and prayers are with you,'  I was impressed upon the notion that when you say this, it is necessary to not only say it, but follow through on that promise.  This kind of dedication inspired me to begin my own prayer journal for my children, and though they are 3 and 2, I don't think it's ever too early to ask your children how you can pray for them.  What a gift it is to give someone your time in earnestly seeking God's guidance, provision, and support through life!"

Caroline B.


"Growing up, Mom gave us a goal during summers to read a certain number of books.  Once we'd hit the goal, she'd give us some money and take us into the city so we could spend it however we wanted.  I'd always split it between more books and the arcade.  She'd play some of the arcade games too and we had a lot of fun together."

Josh P.


"Some of my favorite memories with my mom include arts and crafts.  She's very creative, and while I was living at home, she taught me many skills such as knitting, crochet, sewing, macrame, and cooking.  Over the years, we've taken classes together for tole painting and piecing quilts, and to this day we have a great time making scrapbooks together.  I love that we have these shared skills and fun times together."

Heidi G.

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