Staying at The Well


This season I’m in is teaching me that instead of always going back to the well- I can actually choose to stay at the well. I’ve been running back and forth to it for a while, but only when I’m running on empty, and ready to burn out. When my feelings are too overwhelming- And we can do that, we can run to it whenever and forever.

But He has something better than that for us that just momentary spurts of strength and peace. He has this constant strength that we can hang on to- if we choose to Abide in Him. If we let our grip go and live open handed, if we sit at His feet in all of the things, including the small ones. Living in His abundance is staying at the well, letting Him care for our souls. Stopping to remind myself of His goodness and grace. Communing with Him through out the day. Remembering His promises.

Tending to us in the day to day. It’s choosing those, though. Choosing to stay there and not run off of our own dependency. Admitting and seeing that we are always in need of Him, and that on our own - we cannot do the good work he’s called us to. There is not one good thing done apart from Him. And I’m good owning that without Him and His strength, I just cannot do this. And friends, I’ve tasted and seen- and don’t want to do it without Him- can’t do it without Him.


Originally written and posted on Instagram by Alexandra Hoover of Hoover and Grace.

Amy ParsonsComment