Today's Thanksgivings


What if you woke up this morning with only the things you thanked God for yesterday? Admittedly... so many of the most important things in my life would vanish. We take privilege and act as if it is a right, like we are somehow owed these things in life. We have the privilege of many things we tend to complain about these days; the privilege of cleaning the roof that remains over our heads, the privilege of having to only walk 20ft to get fresh water from 10 different places in our homes, the privilege of feeling secure in a healthy relationship and most certainly the privilege of tending to the needs of the children we were able to have. These things don’t just come to everyone, they don’t just appear and we often are caught acting as if they do and then complaining endlessly about them. Don’t get me wrong, am I exhausted? Totally. Does my house have a way of exploding to disaster after I spend way too long cleaning it? Absolutely. Does my husband totally leave the towel on the floor after I just got a new, not smelly one out for him? You bet! But this house keep me warm, those children give me life and my marriage gives me everything. If I lost any of those things I would be broken, completely shattered. And guess what? Every single day someone loses those things. Whether they lose a loved one, have to leave an abusive relationship, foreclose a home, or maybe they have unexplainable infertility and are struggling to even be blessed with messy/crazy/wild/sleepless children at all! Friends, I encourage you as well as myself, take a minute every night and just say thank you. Thank you for the comfort bubble we have been blindly living within, because at any given moment it could all be stripped away. Wake up tomorrow surrounded by what you were thankful for today.


Originally published on Instagram by Tay @dirtydiaperdiaries

Amy Parsons