Your Lighthouse


I love lighthouses.  Their history, beauty, courage and tenacity.  How they stand strong on solid rock as waves of crashing water and foam circle round.  A pillar of strength, set in place to provide warning and guidance under the stars.

If we are the LIGHT of the world, then wouldn't it be true that our homes are a lighthouse?  That we carry a torch, a flame, a hope in the darkness?

As of lately, in many places and spaces, fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, worry, and confusion threaten to extinguish the flame.  We see and hear the scrambling, the exhaustive running, the disabling lies.  We talk to those that are breathing scared, feeling lost and lonely as the waves overwhelm.  What do we do?  How do we keep rising above the waves?

Simplicity is a quiet teacher.  Slow, small, humble.  Partnered with the holy pages, her discipline breathes life into the little things.  The seemingly insignificant things.  Her wisdom tells us to do the thing before us, even if that thing is picking up a dirty sock from the floor.  To wash that dish, brush those teeth, hold that hand, call that friend, be still and know.  Every little action matters and is celebrated as we commit to put one foot in front of the other.

If we want to test the recesses of our heart, we stay home to discover what we are hiding from the world.  And as keepers of the lighthouse will tell you, it takes time and perseverance to live on that rock, to stay committed to the post.  To realize that loneliness is only lonely when we forget that we're not alone.  To build trust that the walls are strong enough to endure the ferocious, violent winds that twist and scream outside.

HOME.  Take time to shelter the light today; to give it heat, fuel and oxygen.  Most importantly?  Remember, your fight to keep the flame burning is not alone!  That you, brave keeper of the LIGHT, are more than enough and that shining bright from where you are is piercingly courageous!


Written by Finding Simplicity Farm -- find them on Instagram @findingsimplicityfarm.

Amy Parsons