5 Ways to Savor the Newborn Stage


Those bright, clear eyes.  The itty bitty nose, chest rising and falling with the sound of his breaths.  The hair that isn't quite there yet, or that head covered with bold, soft strands.  The delicate skin, the distinct, sweet smell only she has.

Oh the newborn stage.  No doubt it's a full-on contradiction, wanting to soak it all in and never let go yet wishing little bits away as the messes increase and the schedule disappears.

You've heard older moms say it: "You'll miss those days!"  And you will, at least in part if not wholly.  How can you savor it -- while managing it -- before it all disappears?

1.  Sleep.  You've probably also heard this from other moms; the housework can wait.  Those things will still be there!  And mama, it's true.  Find ways to get some more sleep, even if it's a power nap here and there.  Plowing through leaves you in disarray, mentally exhausted (not to mention physically).  Get some sleep so you actually can enjoy that little bundle, and be present for your husband and other children.

2.  Don't plan anything extra.  For a little while, don't schedule x, y, and z.  It's okay to slow down, to take it all in.  Don't be fooled into thinking you need to do it all and keep up with so and so and be right back to life as it was last month.  Allow yourself to adjust to the newness, and if you have other children -- allow them time to adjust as well.  A new life is no small thing.

3.  Stare.  Really, stare at your little one(s).  Watch them.  Memorize them.  Let yourself be in awe of their tiny features, and how they were literally put together in your womb.  A miracle!

4.  Take photos.  Yes, snap them.  All the faces, all the poses, all the stretches.  You'll want to see them all over again later!  And then -- put the phone in the other room and enjoy those faces and movements without the mental clutter and distraction. 

5.  Breathe deep.  Inhale, exhale.  Inhale, exhale.  Physically, this slows you down and gives you a pause.  A little reset.  But while you breathe those deep breaths, take in that newborn smell.  Ahhhh.


Babies don't keep.  Give yourself permission to take it all in and deeply enjoy that beautiful gift from God.


Written by Amy Parsons