Seeing Beyond the Pebbles


"This way Levi," I called.  "Let's keep walking."

"C'mon buddy," Josh said.

Levi stayed bent over on the path, picking up little pebbles and trying to hold as many as he could fit in his hand.

I looked around; we'd barely made it onto the path and had a little ways to go to make it into the gardens.  We'd stopped at a historic house on our way home from a photoshoot so Levi could stretch and run around.  The old house is nestled amidst trees and beautiful gardens, right on the edge of a river.  A gorgeous, quiet nook away from the busyness of town.

"Levi," I said walking towards him.  "Let's go so we can see the water fountain and all the pretty flowers."

But he was content to plop himself down on the path and play with pebbles, not noticing anyone or anything else.

I stood there thinking, and without taking the analogy too far I wondered -- how often do I stop myself short?  Levi had no idea that there was more fun to be had if he kept walking.  He was too focused on the pebbles in front of him.  When we walked him into the gardens and he saw the water fountain, he lit up even more and had a blast exploring.  So much so that we had a hard time getting him to leave!

There have been countless times in my life where I've been so focused and consumed on one particular thing that I don't see the rest of what God's doing, or the other things He wants me to see.  He's so patient and faithful to help me see things when I'm ready, but I wonder how many things I've missed out on because I'm too consumed with what's in front of me.

We can't go back and relive things, and dwelling on what could've been won't help either.  The only thing we can influence is how we look at things to come.  As I watched Levi and saw how thrilled he was with the pebbles, I thought of even the times I'm thrilled with certain situations or life happenings and how wonderful they are.  And could there be more?

Ultimately that's up to God to decide and show us.  We can pray that He will give us eyes to see what He wants us to see, when He wants us to see it.  We can pray that we'll see the bigger picture and all the rest He has in store -- we can pray that we'll see these things sooner than later, and have hearts and attitudes to handle them well.

Wouldn't it be awesome to see more of His blessings and His gifts -- sooner?  He knows what timing is best, and we need to trust that.  Yet there are certainly times we block our own sight whether we realize it or not; those are the times I pray will change.

In my own life, I pray that I'd be humbled and full of thanksgiving and peace.  We see life much more clearly when we're aware of our humble position before such a wonderful, mighty God.  I pray He helps me see more readily His glory and workings!

Amy Parsons