The Vision

"The LORD is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation" (Psalm 118:14). 

This verse is the backbone to Strength & Song. The context each time this verse is mentioned in the Bible comes from a background of hardship and long-term challenges. Moses proclaims it in Exodus as God leads the Israelites out of Egypt's oppression; the Psalmist speaks it after persecution; Isaiah prophesies it as praise that would be given God when He delivered His people.

We as mothers may or may not face direct opposition or oppression as in these contexts, but we all can be tested beyond the end of our ropes and challenged beyond what we anticipated. This verse is a reminder that the Lord is our strength for each situation - through opposition and oppression, through trials and challenges - and not only is He our strength, but He is our song. He turns our mourning into joy; He takes the hard and the humbling and helps us praise Him at the same time. He reminds us of the bigger picture, of His gift of salvation, and He gives us peace in knowing that He is God.

This magazine and ministry is purposed to be a means of refreshment and encouragement, as we read God's truths together and share each other's stories and testimonies. My prayer is that you are inspired to trust God more; to find that He truly is in the everyday and that your life is all for Him. May you see that your motherhood is a beautiful gift from God. 

With love,

Amy Parsons, Editor in Chief