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"Receiving my Strength and Song magazine in the mail is like receiving a visit from a good friend. The articles soothe and encourage and challenge me in unique ways. I love the pictures and the thoughts shared. I love how every issue draws me toward the Lord – Living Water. Even though my own child-rearing days are behind me, I nod my head in sympathy at some articles and “make a note of it” in how to encourage my daughters and grandchildren in others. The scriptures and pictures speak to me as well. Thank you, Strength and Song, for giving strength to weary young moms and putting a song on their lips … by pointing them to the God who loves them and loves their babies as much as they do!"  - Sharon Gamble


"Whether you’re drinking a cold glass of it or sitting by a lake watching the sun dance on the surface, water is delightful -- and so is Strength and Song magazine. Young mom or old, you will be refreshed as you ponder the wisdom, encouragement and transparency found in each issue. Through meditation, real-life circumstances and humor Strength and Song gives hope for those traveling the amazing yet sometimes lonely and exhausting road called motherhood."  - Marlene McKenna


"Strength and Song has been a wonderful encouragement as well as a form of expression. Receiving the magazine is always a special day. I love to enjoy the gorgeous pictures and to be uplifted by the many stories and Scriptures. I've personally loved being a part of Strength and Song because it has given me an opportunity to use the creative gifts God has given me and use my own testimonies to reach others for his Kingdom in the form of writing."  - Emma Chibwe